What is a Grant Writer?

Are you a writer? Do you believe your writing has the potential to enact positive change in the world?

If so, you might be interested in grant writing, a career for writers who want to work with non-profits to create social change.

What Does a Grant Writer Do?

A grant writer is someone who fulfills one of the most crucial positions in the non-profit agency. They conduct research and gather information to write formal requests for funding on behalf of their organization. Since non-profits rely heavily on funding and donations from various foundations, the grant writer is instrumental in bringing money to the agency.

Grant writers need to have a refined skill set to be successful. They must be thorough researchers with incredible writing skills. They should be organized, detail oriented, and diligent. Grant writers also need to have the ability to understand the needs of both the agency in need of funding and the organization that is offering the grant money.

How Can I Become a Grant Writer?

To become a grant writer, one should get a Bachelors degree in a writing-based major. This could include English, Journalism, Communications, or Marketing.  Most grant writing positions do not require a graduate degree, but it may be preferable. There are a few certificate programs available in the US for grant writers. However, experience in this position is generally more valuable than a specific degree.

The salary for grant writers varies from state to state, but someone in this position can expect to make $60,00-$70,000 annually.

Ultimately, grant writing is a great option for those looking for an impactful, writing-based careers. Based on the nature of their work, grant writers have a subtle, yet significant, effect on society. Their role is an absolutely essential component for success in non-profit agencies. Therefore, it can be a great fit for writers who want to use their skills to enact positive change in our society.






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