Research-Based Writing

A Case Study in Peer Tutoring (PDF)

My case study presents the research and findings of my proposed pilot project in peer tutoring. This text demonstrates my ability to facilitate and synthesize my own research project.

Grant Proposal (PDF)

My grant proposal was written in advocacy of implementing a yoga program in an addiction recovery high school. This text demonstrates my ability to research and present my findings persuasively.

Writing in Complex Subject Matters

Peer Tutoring Philosophy (PDF)

My tutoring philosophy exemplifies my ability to comprehend complicated academic works and integrate them within my own conclusions. This text is an analysis of the theories and practices surrounding peer tutoring in a university Writing Center.

Supreme Court Case Brief: Mark Janus vs AFSCME (PDF)

This text is representative of my ability to comprehend new information and share this knowledge in an accurate, and thorough manner. To complete this assignment, I had to compile and read various legal briefs and present my findings to a lay audience.

Creative Non-Fiction

A Breath Of Life (PDF)

An essay compiling the biology of breath, mental health care, and the Baptiste yoga practice.