3 Reasons Why You Want an Internship

Every college student knows that internships are important. In fact, they can often feel like a necessary stepping-stone when trying to break into the working world. But why are they such a big deal? Well, most of the time they offer much more than an average summer job. These are three of the largest take-aways any student can gain from landing an internship in their field.

1. Experience

Internships give students the opportunity to gain some real-world experience in their field. Sure there may be a little busy work involved, or a couple coffee runs, but if you’re lucky you’ll have some insight into what people do in their careers. This will give you a chance to test your knowledge and build new skills in your intended field. Plus, it will help boost your resume when it comes time to apply for the real deal.

2. Connections

There’s nothing better than a good first impression, and an internship can be just that if you excel. In a temporary position, you get to show a company or employer how you fit into their team in just a few weeks. And if you prove to be an asset, they just might want to see more of ¬†you. Oftentimes this can result in an extended contract or even a job offer after graduation. And if not, being a reputable intern can at least land you a good reference and a connection in the field!

3. Understanding

Perhaps the most important thing students can take away from an internship is a better understanding of their intended career path. As an intern, you get a couple months to feel out a potential job or field. You have the chance to see if its a good fit for you and your skills. This exposure can’t be found in the classroom alone. Students will also learn about the how the working world functions. Ultimately, an internship can help you decide what you want your job to look like. Do you want to work a traditional 9-5? Do you like working in big or small companies? What are your career goals? An internship can help you answer these questions.

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