What is a Content Developer?

When thinking of jobs in technology, you probably imagine the work of scientists, coders, and software engineers. But what about other tech-based careers? What kind of opportunities exist for writers and artists online? One title, of many, is a content developer.

What is a content developer?

A content developer can be broadly described as someone who creates, strategizes, and analyzes online content. When a content developer works with a company, this typically involves pitching, planning, and developing content in the form of written copy, blog posts, graphic designs, presentations, videos, or social media posts. Often, this is in the context of a website, where content developers will help a company improve the construction and composition of their site. In many cases, this position also asks employees to analyze the target audience and implement effective SEO techniques.

Who are content developers?

People who go into content development typically earn a degree in either English, Communications, Marketing, or a related field. They must be effective communicators and have good written skills. Content developers are usually creative people who can work quickly to meet deadlines. They also need to have an interest in technology, and some knowledge of softwares is definitely a benefit!

Why should you be a content developer?

Careers in content developing are expanding with technology, as there is a distinct shift from print media and push marketing to digital media. As a result, there are emerging opportunities for people interested in content development. With an average annual salary of $50,000, this field has become a lucrative career path for those interested in the digital humanities.






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