What is a Technical Writer?

How do we, as users, learn how to use the technology we encounter in our everyday lives? Some may say it comes from intuition, or even trial and error, but in most cases you go to a source of expertise. Sure, maybe you don’t always need help to unbox your new iPhone, but how about when you’re learning a new software or working on a new platform? And unless you have the rare ability to speak with the engineer who developed the technology, you’re going to have to use the next best thing. That’s right, you’re going to have to go looking for the user guide or manual.

These sources are forms of documentation; writing that records the complex processes of technology. This kind of writing often takes the form of software manuals and instructional materials. It’s purpose is to bridge the gap between users and technology. Technical writers are therefore in charge of creating clear, concise documentation for a variety of complicated technical processes.

Technical writers draft reports, memos, press releases, and other forms of technical copy. They must be able to research and understand highly technical concepts. Technical writers are then responsible for translating complicated information into readable texts. Their goal is to help readers comprehend complex processes or concepts clearly.

You may be interested in a technical writing career if you are a strong communicator with an interest in technology. It is a lucrative field, with a median annual salary of $67,000. As technology expands, there will be an increasing need for tech writers. Without them, technology would never reach its users.


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