5 Reasons Why You Should Use LinkedIn

In the 21st century, social media has dominated popular culture. So it isn’t too surprising that it has managed infiltrate the professional world. LinkedIn has established itself as the official social media platform for the working world. Its users benefit from the platform’s accessible design and capabilities, making it easier than ever to connect with coworkers, employers, and companies. However, for those who are new to LinkedIn, it can seem daunting, overwhelming, or even pointless. After all, why would you want another account to keep track of? But in a digital age where social media has taken charge, it’s becoming an increasingly important platform for professionals. So if you’re thinking about creating a profile, here are five reasons why you should.

  1. Networking: LinkedIn provides its users with the opportunity to network with potential employers before a formal interview. It also allows you to make connections through people you know, expanding your web.
  2. Job Recommendations: LinkedIn, unlike other social media platforms, notifies you when new jobs are posted in your field. This can notify you emerging positions before you see them posted on other job sites.
  3. Background of Companies and Higher-Ups;Not only does LinkedIn provide employers the opportunity to research you, but it also allows you to research them. By giving you access to company and employee profiles, the platform helps you learn more about your prospective employers.
  4. Search Statistics: LinkedIn also notifies you when other users view your site, letting you in on who has shown interest or wants to make a connection.
  5. Online Presence: This social media platform allows its users to curate an online provide specifically for the workforce. This gives you the opportunity to develop a professional online presence that most likely differs from your other social media profiles.



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